Welcome To Your Minecraft Party Host!

Private Server

You get a private Minecraft server just for you and your friends.

Invite Your Friends

Your party will start off in the party hub. There you can chat with friends, explore the hub, enjoy mini-mini games, and go to standard survival and creative worlds.


Play the most popular minigames with your party guests! PvP battles, spleef, parkour, block hunt, monster rush, and more!

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How It Works

  • You get a private Minecraft server
  • You will have three hours for your party.
  • Your server has a unique server address.
  • Send that address to all your party guests.
  • Add that address to your Minecraft multiplayer server list.
  • Schedule the party. to start at a certain date/time.
  • Or just come back to this site and start the party when you are ready.
  • Your email receipt will also have instructions for starting your party.
  • Play Minecraft with your friends and enjoy!

Every party server comes ready with a bunch of minigames, traditional creative and survival worlds, and hub world where guests can mingle and decide what games to play next. We are always adding new features to our servers so be sure to check back here regularly to see what's new.

Feel like our servers are missing something? Drop us a line and let us know!

Party on the dance floor

Minecraft parties are great for any occasion! Birthdays, Holidays, or just to have a fun time.