Minigames Great Party Fun!

Party Lobby

Have Fun While Waiting For Guests

Our Party Lobby is packed with mini-mini games to enjoy while you wait for your friends, or take a break between other games. Practice archery, find your way through a maze, hunt for emeralds, hit the dance floor, glide around with elytra and more.

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PvP Battles

Multiple Arenas and Styles

Fight to the death with your friends (or enemies) in famous minecraft arenas. Duke it out in Evster31's classic fighting arena!. Rack up the body count in a recreation of PopularMMO's arena. Drop your openents into a pit of lava in our MCPH original triple layer spleef arena. Is paintball more your thing? Take cover in villager house, or even behind a villager in a Village Paintball!

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Block Hunt

Hide and Seek Minecraft Style

Disguise yourself as a block and hide in this amazing block hunt map from Prince_Sonny. Or grab your sword and hunt down the hiders. This extensive map provides plenty of room for large scale block hunt matches.

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Can you make it to the end?

We have courses for every skill level. Long jumps, short jumsp, hop over (or under) lava, and watch out for the ice! Explore an amazing custom island in one of the largest parkour courses we have seen, Unknown Island by Princess_Fluffybutt.

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Monster Rush

How long can you last?

Defend a remote village from an onslought of monsters! This village has always had monster problems, and they have built battlements to help defend the town. But the monsters are getting increasingly aggressive... and smart. They have learned to build bridges, make block towers, knock out torchers, and crush blocks to get to their prey. They'll see you from a long way off and run after you. Skeletons have become sharp shooters. Oh, and their arrows explode. As soon as you join this world, head to the armory and pepare yourself. There is plenty of diamond armor to go around, plus other goodies the villagers have hidden around town. But will it be enough to last the night?

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