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Minecraft Party!

Desktop Party

Invite your friends to a private server just for your party! Free build in a creative world, fight for your life in a survival world, and play some of the most popular minigames. Minigames include:

  • PvP Arena Battles, indiviual and team modes
  • Paint Ball
  • Spleef
  • Block Hunt
  • Parkour
  • Zombie Rush

Limited time Grand Opening Price:


Pocket Party - Coming Early 2017

A Minecraft party for MCPE! Invite as many friends as you want, there is no restriction on how how many can join on your private PE party server. Play in a creative or sruvival world, plus get the best PE minigames!

Not Yet Available

Moderated Party

Let us help make your party the best it can be! You will get a live moderator to help guide players through the minigames, help players if they get stuck in any way, and keep an eye out for any shinanigans.

Not Yet Available